Square cities: time dimension

Problem Description

This project is a continuation of two previous research projects:

  • Senseable Moscow “Moya Moskva” project (Kats 2012)
  • NYU CUSP Applied Data science research project (Kats 2015)

All three projects are based on the same idea of explaining significant differences between cities stats, using foursquare venues data. This particular project, however, bounds to the the temporal dimension of data, analyzing venue creation through last 5 years for 8 cities, including New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Mumbai, Moscow, Singapur, Kiev and Minsk.

This research aims to explore three questions stated below:

  • Do all cities have similar “temporal behavior” on venue registration?
  • Do they perform similar behaviour in terms of vanue-category granulated timelines?

While we are driven by scientific curiosity, This is not the research for the sake of research, as the answers to those questions, potentially, may lead us to the between understanding of the spatial-economical behaviour of cities.


Research is based on foursquare service data on venues (locations), collected through official API with the custom data collector. Scraper was collecting all venues created at any time and still existing1 for the given location. Location at this moment is defined by the coordinate rectangular.