2016 has just started. We made New Years' resolutions. Some of us have sticked to your plans for now. And this makes us feel good.

Maybe you have not made any comittments because you think this is a stupid habit. Maybe you do not take these words as serious commitments?

Or maybe you have made plans but you are already desperate because your goals are so huge and far away.

Or you were lazy during the first weeks of January and now it feels like you can never make your resolutions a habit.
We need more than just good ideas, so our resolutions empower us and can make us feel like kings and queens.
I believe there are two essentials you need to gain positive feelings from your commitments:

  • Accountabiliy and
  • Tiny steps.
When I attended a LYL local meeting for the first time in December 2015, the event ended with committments. To gain something from the meetings, to develop ideas, to overcome fears and be creative we make comittments and tell them to our peers.
My commitments were:
  1. Trying out ESP method which is apparently very helpful to some people and
  2. to tell all my friends about the LYL meeting and of idea of doing work you truly love. I made this commitment because I was very unsure whether these meetings are something I wanted follow up. And because opinions of my family and friends matter a lot to me.
So around Chrismas time I went to see many friends and family members and told them about the idea of doing things I truly enjoy and it was gorgeous. People are interested and give me new ideas, help me to get to know myself better.
Without the local meeting I would probably have told less people about it.

And then suddenly, some things are happening.
Like I am writing these articles.
And I am really into planning another blog (more infos on that next time).
And I feel more confident about things I like.
And I am so excited about trying new things.
I am constantly on a motivational high!

Tell your friends and family what you are planning. It sounds more real if you speak your plans out loud. It is a bit like convincing yourself.
And most important, you get feedback. You might have thought "No, my plans sound really stupid" but your friends will tell you that your plans are cool. This motivates me on trying new things.
All the people who listened to my ideas can now ask me back - they are my accountability buddies. Without accountability buddies I am nothing.