Will all Living Legends become consultants?

This week, I attended a Live Your  Legend Local meeting for the first time in my life. If you do not know what Live Your Legend is, watch this TEDx Video by Scott Dinsmore. In conclusion, this movement is about finding and doing work you truly love.
The local meetings are about sharing your true thoughts. If you share your crazy ideas they can become reality and can inspire others. On Thursday, Martin shared his thought about many of the LYLs becoming consultants which inspired this article.
I thought this is so very true and it seems strange to me that those who are really happy about their work are consultants.
Scott did a great job in creating a community that finds fulfulling work and many of them did find it. I am pretty new to the community but I clicked on some of the blogs to LYL success stories and it seems to me that Scott produced quite a lot other consultants.
At the Berlin local meeting were minimum 4 consultants and minimum one person who wants to become a consultant.
Here comes the fun fact of this article: Me too!
I really had to smile for myself when we talked about consultants. Probably, I won't be a life coach or job search coach. But during the last weeks I thought a lot about doing some changes around my work life, do less programming, do more consulting.
So why is being a consultant so cool?
About 10 years ago I believed that consultants made big money without knowing a lot. Consultants do their job because of the money, they are paid to fire people and in the end it does not even contribute to the success of a company. They want to sell some insurance for the sake of commissions.
 Consulting did not sound nice or worthy to me like being doctor or nurse or teacher or social worker.
Back to the question: Why do we want to be consultants?
We like to work with people. We like to help others becoming better at something. We want to bring a change to the life of people.
It is about feeling good and honest and authentic. About living a meaningful life. And I am sure that those who do not want to be consultants share some of these thoughts.
But does the world need so many consultants?
This question does not seem that important any more when you have a look at my take home message.