Ideas Adventure 2016 diary

I have signed up to the course Ideas Adventure by Marianne Cantwell and Selina Barker. It is a self-discovery tour that will eventually lead to a free range life with my own choices. A life where I respond to my own needs that makes me come alive. This article is a diary during the 6 week course. 

Day 0

I call it day zero because the course should have started on Monday but Marianne already sent the material on Sunday. So of course I started reading and could not stop until page 20. I listened to the audios and did the first excercises which only involved a video and writing down my thoughts. I like these exercises where I do not need any other stuff and not that much uninterrupted time. I need to be careful - I tend to read on and on and not do exercises. This is what I have done with self-discovery books in the past. This time it will be different.
I even invited my boyfriend to listen to the 30 minutes defrosting audio - even though he does not respond that much to self-exploration. I am really proud of myself for asking him and really proud of him for being open to it. Although he fell asleep while listening. It is ok.
I am really excited and motivated to get started!