Reading and listening for self-development      

OK, you surely know that with reading and listening you will not be able to find your purpose in life or your dreamjob or happiness in general. Therefore, I have just signed up to Marianne Cantwells  Ideas Adventure course a few days ago. Wow, I am really excited. Probably, I will write about this adventure. Actually, I was several times on her website and did not sign up because I thought that I shoud do some more research. Ergo read.

For now, I share some links with you about blogs and podcasts I read or listened to a lot during the last few months. They inspire me, motivate me, make me think out of the box of my "normal" life. They make be more self-conscious, pay attention to my life and feelings, be more content. They prepared me to finally sign up to Marianne's course. I hope you find some of them useful. 
This is the community that made everything start for me. I just got a rejection from a job I had applied to and I was told: Think about what you really want. So I did that. And I read a lot. And I did some of the workbooks. 2 months later I went to a local meetup of the Live Your Legend community, it was great and I truly recommend it. Maybe there is also LYL local in your city? Http://

Website of the wonderful Marianne Cantwell who guides you to start a life on your terms. Her book: Watch some of her videos or listen to her audios, she is very sympathetic.