A Multi-Instrument Pipeline for Processing and Cataloging HST Solar System Observations

DDRF/JDF Call for Proposals for Spring 2013


Abstract. We propose to a multi-instrument pipeline for reprocessing HST solar system observations from the ACS and WFC3 instruments. This pipeline would be run on the plhstins1 server and would apply a single-image LaPlacian cosmic ray rejection, apply geometric and rotational corrections using STScI's astrodrizzle software, create dynamically scaled preview images, and populate a database of predicted ephemerides locations. Our pipeline already exists for the WFPC2 instrument and we have already delivered our first round of high level science products. We propose to expand and improve the capabilities of this pipeline to meet the needs to cameras specified. The pipeline we propose would be of significant interest to the planetary science community and would enhance the scientific value of existing HST archival data.

Dollar Amount $???

PURPOSE: Overview of planned expenses such as RIA, graduate student, or post-doc salaries, equipment, etc.

We are requesting fund to support a senior RIA for software development and running the pipeline. We are also requesting fund to present our archive at the 2014 winter AAS convention.

SCIENTIFIC JUSTIFICATION: Maximum 2 pages = 120 lines single-spaced text. An additional 2 pages are allowed for figures, tables, and references.