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\include{preface} \standalonefalse \renewcommand{\okinfinal}[1]{{#1}} % Version 2.0: The BGPS Outer Galaxy extension \title{The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey VIII: Data Release 2 and Outer Galaxy Extension} \include{authors} \keywords{ISM: all of it --- stars: formation} \include{abstract} \include{introduction} % move to top? \include{calibration} % v2 calibration + v1 error description [nothing to be added] \include{expansion} \include{reduction} % only delta-v1 or things left out \include{pointing} % done [reviewed by group] \include{stf} % done [reviewed by group] \include{source_extraction} % \include{conclusion} % \include{appendix} % Begin appendices (only for thesis?) % \include{simulations} % move before stf... or just cut it out (describe simulations in STF section) % % only include relevant parts for source extraction / stf sections % \include{reduction_part2} % \include{cal_appendix} %\clearpage \bibliographystyle{apj_w_etal} \bibliography{v2} \end{document}

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