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Instantaneous R calculation for COVID-19 epidemic in Brazil
  • Francisco H. C. Felix,
  • Juvenia Fontenele
Francisco H. C. Felix
Hospital Infantil Albert Sabin - HIAS

Corresponding Author:fhcflx@outlook.com

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Juvenia Fontenele
Federal University of CearĂ¡
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COVID-19 pandemic represents a major challenge to health systems of all countries. Brazilian regions habe been showing marked differences in onset and number of cases. Health authorities instituted widespread social distancing and lockdown measures but their implementation has also varied. The authors used data on confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Brazil and its states to calculate the value of instantaneous reproduction number at these regions. The results show a reduction of  instantaneous reproduction number with time, probably due to social distancing measures put in place in the last weeks by brazillian authorities. It seems logical to maintain restrictions to social contact until the epidemic peak has occurred in Brazil.