VUW TeX Template


\label{C:intro} The style attempts to do 2 things:

  1. produce the correct front pages – explained in Chapter \ref{C:ex};

  2. meet the library requirement for the deposit of theses – explained in Chapter \ref{C:lib}.

We try to set the front pages up after the fashion of the example on p58 of the 2002 PhD handbook. (Available at, March 2003).

I assume that you are using or, preferably, . The book style has things like \frontmatter defined, which make life a little easier.

Although the style alters the margins, and so on, if you’d prefer to do something else then feel free to set them all yourself. In this case you will probably want to look at the package.



Any acknowledgments should go in here, between the title page and the table of contents. The acknowledgments do not form a proper chapter, and so don’t get a number or appear in the table of contents.