How To Label and Reference My Image, Figure, Table, or Equation

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In LaTeX Editor

First, label the figure by placing at the beginning of the figure caption \label{FIGURE_ID} where FIGURE_ID is an ID for the image. Then, whenever you want to reference that figure in the text, simply type \ref{FIGURE_ID} to reference that ID and the associated figure.

Using the same method to cite figures, but use tab: and eqn: instead of fig: . For example, to reference a famous equation in LaTeX, write: \begin{equation} \label{eqn:mass-energy} E = mc^2. \end{equation}

In Rich Text Editor

  1. Click on the cite: button

  2. Choose the last tab, Reference a Label .

Note: this feature in rich text editor is still in beta and may not function properly until end of summer 2016.

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