How do I invite and manage co-authors?

Invite a co-author in three clicks

  1. Click on the Share button

  2. Enter your co-author’s email address in the popup

  3. Click “Submit”

Your collaborator will receive an email notification that they are now a co-author. If they’re not an Authorea member yet, the email will tell them how to create an Authorea account.

What can co-authors do?

  1. Edit the document, add figures and data

  2. Read private comments

  3. View and use the document’s Chat

  4. Revert changes in the History

How to remove a co-author

  1. Click on the co-author’s name

  2. Click ’Remove

How to give admin privileges

  1. Click on the co-author’s name

  2. Click ’Make admin

  3. Admin privileges allow your colleagues to add new co-authors