Supplemental Figures

Figure 4 - Supplemental Figure 1: Overlap of ChIP-seq peaks

A-C. Overlap of ARID1A, ARID1B, or ARID2 with SNF5/BAF47, demonstrating fraction of ARID peaks associated with core swi/snf factor by peak calls. D. Union of all ARID peaks overlapping SNF5/BAF47 peaks. E. Comparison of SNF5/BAF47 peak calls in our manuscript with those in (Euskirchen 2011).

Figure 4 - Supplemental Figure 2: Histone modifications associated with ARID bound regions

H3K4me1, H3K4me3, and H3K27ac signal was measured centered on the ARID bound regions using information from the ENCODE project (Ernst 2011, Dunham 2012)

Figure 5 - Supplemental Figure 1: Comparison of signal between different categories of ARID peaks

We measured signal at each set of ARID peaks (ARID1A alone - top panels, ARID1B alone - second panels, ARID2 alone - third panels, Multiple peaks - bottom panels), for each of the ARIDs and SNF5/BAF47 ( ARID1A - red, ARID1B - blue, ARID2 - green, SNF5 - purple) +/- 2kb from the midpoint of the peak to demonstrate the accuracy of the ’Alone’ vs ’Multiple’ peak definitions.