Individual Progress Report

Date: February 7, 2016 To: David Herrin, Ph.D., Instructor, ME 411 From: Joey Galloway, ME 411 Student Re: Progress Report for Capstone Design I Project



The purpose of this report is to provide the current status of my project for Captone Design I, ME 411. Following is the status of the aforementioned project involving the research, design, testing, and validation of a heat shield for the KRUPS re-entry capsule.


The Kentucky Re-entry Universal Payload System is a low-cost, micro-satellite spacecraft intended to collect real-time data and aid analysis of thermal protection systems during entry, descent, and landing mission phases. It is also uniquely positioned to provide a universal payload system platform for secondary scientific payloads while in Low Earth Orbits. For our project, we are going to research, design, fabricate, and test a design for the Thermal Protection System that will encapsulate the KRUPS system, that will protect it from both the heat fluxes as well as the pressure-induced stresses.


This status report includes my current assessment of the project status as of the date this article was written. The statement of work includes the following tasks:Task 1: Formulate a project plan to prioritize the objectives and determine a time-table for completion.Task 2: Research possible material candidates for the heat shield.Task 3: Acquire estimates about the re-entry conditions for a potential flight path for the capsule.Task 4: Obtain access the high fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Material Response (MR) codes to simulate actual conditions for the actual validation process.