Reliability of ASCE 41-13 equations to predict nonlinear behavior of URM In-plane walls     

Thursday November 15, 2015
List of task to be completed by December 20, 2015
Tasks to complete first case study
Tasks Subtasks deadlines
NSP in SAP2000, Yi et al. Experiment Create model with only frames
define Plastic Hinges in the model
Apply plastic hinges to the model
Apply SDL to the model
Verify weight of the building
Define loading protocol
Create displacement load cases
Run NL Gravity analysis, verify
Apply protocol to roof and floor
Run Loading protocol
Compare to experiment
Write up Report Nov 29,2015

Model used to estimate axial loads in piers is based on 150928_M4.sdb.
name of the model=160107_M1.sdb
Pier 8, rocking and shear is consistent with MAEW-111124-1.xmcd. 

What is rocking in URM walls? Is this rocking similar to Rocking as in Rigid Body Rocking? or is more like a flexural deformation capacity of the pier, similar to what happens in a RC column?. why do we have to use Moment curvature analysis to obtain the rotational capacity of the pier? Isnt more like a discrete-event, followed by toe-crushing?