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Who Gives, How and Why to “Undeserving Poor”?
  • Jitka Laštovková,
  • Eva Fuchsová,
  • Michaela Jánská
Jitka Laštovková
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Eva Fuchsová
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Michaela Jánská

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study examines the role of merit in the concept of corporate social responsibility. The text outlines the mechanisms of support for those who are perceived by society as undeserving of the aid in question. Its aim is to analyze the context of the decision-making process in companies on the one hand and nonprofit organizations on the other. A qualitative approach has been chosen to achieve the goal, which reveals the ways in which the partakers think. The study examines the legitimacy of the choice of the target group, the importance of the community in the local context, and the strategy of communication support. The results of the study identify four different mechanisms of support from companies, including support through a foundation, the company's own foundation, the employee volunteer association, and a consortium of the company and nonprofit organization. At the same time, the research has concluded that the various methods of support intersect and together create a comprehensive mechanism with a number of stakeholders, which can only work under the conditions of mutual consensus.