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IEDA EarthChem: Supporting the sample-based geochemistry community with data resources to accelerate scientific discovery
  • Leslie Hsu
Leslie Hsu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Integrated sample-based geochemical measurements enable new scientific discoveries in the Earth sciences. However, integration of geochemical data is difficult because of the variety of sample types and measured properties, idiosyncratic analytical procedures, and the time commitment required for adequate documentation. To support geochemists in integrating and reusing geochemical data, EarthChem, part of IEDA (Integrated Earth Data Applications), develops and maintains a suite of data systems to serve the scientific community. The EarthChem Library focuses on dataset publication, accessibility, and linking with other sources. Topical synthesis databases (e.g., PetDB, SedDB, Geochron) integrate data from several sources and preserve metadata associated with analyzed samples. The EarthChem Portal optimizes data discovery and provides analysis tools. Contributing authors obtain citable DOI identifiers, usage reports of their data, and increased discoverability. The community benefits from open access to data leading to accelerated scientific discoveries. Growing citations of EarthChem systems demonstrate its success.