Rasch models in SAS


Rasch models are use when a set of items are used to measure a uni-dimensional latent variable. Originally used in educational testing models, they are also used for measurement in psychology and physical rehabilitation. This paper describes a collation of SAS macros that fits Rasch models. Item parameter estimation using marginal maximum likelihood (MML), conditional maximum likelihood (CML) estimation or pairwise conditional maximum likelihood (PCML) estimation. Item fit statistics and graphical presentation of item characteristic curves (ICC’s) and item fit plots are included.

Implementation of item parameter estimation for polytomous Rasch models using MML, CML and PCML in SAS has been discussed earlier (Christensen 2006)(Nandakumar 2012), and SAS macros have been made available (Hardouin 2007)(Christensen 2013)(Christensen 2013a).