Thesis - Magnetic Hyperthermia Treatment and Cancer



Magnetic fluid hyperthermia is a promising cancer treatment that essentially ”fries” cells inside tumors. The procedure has been used successfully in prostate, liver, and breast tumors. Magnetic nanoparticles (each billionths of a meter in size) are injected into the body intravenously and diffuse selectively into cancerous tissues. Add a high-frequency magnetic field, and the particles heat up, raising the temperature of the tumor cells.

Applications of thermal transport phenomena at nanoscale

Thermal transfer plays an important role in many environmental, industrial, and biological processes. The knowledge of heat transfer can be applied to our everyday life, e.g., electrical power generation, energy conversion and storage, combustion processes, thermal insulation, refrigeration, material processing, and biological systems. A heat transfer analysis typically provides the rates of heat transfer and/or the temperature distributions for steady or transient states for specified boundary conditions, initial conditions, geometries, and materials. The transfer of heat in a stationary medium such as a solid, a liquid, or a gas is called heat conduction, but when the medium moved there is heat convection.