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Bioinformatics infused Personalised Medicine
  • Robert Qiao
Robert Qiao
Flinders University
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Information richness is a norm of today's life, you may be already customed to the daily facebooking over morning coffee,  netflixing on your way home, twittering for the news and Instagraming on your holidays. The exponential growth of easy access information has transformed our daily life, at the same time, we may not realise but rich information has also started to enable us more possibilities in the medical front: coordinated medical response, personalised medicine solution, genomic and proteomics-based personalised medicine are all on the horizon, we can sense the Eureka moment is not far off sight and all those new possibilities will inevitably reshape our Medicare system for the new  century. In this book, we will discuss the technologies behind those new enablements and draw particular emphasis on the informatics' role as the driver to such a wave. We will also attempt to reveal some of the security and confidentiality risks and solutions tightly associated with this topic.