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Using bioinformatics pipeline to investigate the DPP4 substrate repertoire
  • Robert Qiao
Robert Qiao
Flinders University

Corresponding Author:qiao0015@flinders.edu.au

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DPP4 inhibitor has been implemented globally as a novel intervention in treating type II diabetics, in which DPP4 inhibitor retards DPP4 hydrolytic potency to preserve incretin (GLP-1 and GIP) level in order to suppress the glucagon release hence managing blood glucose level. At the same time, DPP4 also involves in incredibly diverse biological processes by regulating a bunch of substrates. Despite many years of research, DPP4 functional kingdom has not been elucidated entirely. This study is aimed to utilizing modern bioinformatics and advanced mass spectrometry imaging to demonstrate the firstĀ in vivo DPP4 substrate repertoire and hence to construct the first comprehensive global knowledgebase network of DPP4.