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The value of fundic gland polyps in the diagnosis of HP infection:a meta analysis
  • JinLiang Tang
JinLiang Tang
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Objective: To evaluate the value of fundic gland polyps in Helicobacter pylori infection. Methods: By searching Cochrane Library, PubMed, EMbase, CNKI and other databases, we collected retrospective analysis studies on the relationship between fundic gland polyps and HP infection. The research literature was screened strictly according to the pre-established inclusion and exclusion criteria. Relevant data were extracted from the literature, and Meta-DiSc1.4 software was used for meta-analysis. Results: There were 5 studies met our inclusion,including 6467 patients.The pooled sensitivity and specificity of fundic gland polyps in Helicobacter pylori infection were0.31(95%CI:0.29-0.32)and0.95(95%CI:0.93-0.96), respectively,positive likelihood ratio were 6.45(95%CI:2.04-20.40),negative likelihood ratio were 0.69(95%CI:0.55-0.86),and the diagnostic odds ratio(DOR) were 9.64(95%CI:2.75-33.81). Conclusion: Fundic gland polyps are more reliable for excluding HP infection and have certain value in clinical application.