Classics 40 Assignment #1


“The mother archetype was repsented on Mt. Olympus by Demeter, whose most important roles were as mother (of Persephone) and as provider of food (as Goddess of Grain) and spiritual sustenance (the Eleusian Mysteries). Although other goddess were also mothers (Hera and Aphrodite), her daughter was Demeter’s most dignificant relationship” (Demeter the Archetype, 1).


“You’ve suffered pain and humiliation. / Your mind wanders into distraction, / like a bad doctor taken ill / and unable to find the cure” (Prometheus Bound, pg 2).


“Every woman who falls in love with someone who is also in love with her at that moment is a personification of the Aphrodite archetype” (Aphrodite the Archetype, 1).

“A new feature, interpolated by Plato, is the vision of the structure of the unicerse, in which the ’pattern set up in the havens ... is revealed to the souls before they choose a new life” (Plato, Republic 349).

“Ouranos, father of all, eternal cosmic element, / primeval, beginning of all and end of all, / lord of the universe, moving about the earth like a sphere /home of the blessed gods” (Orphic Hymns, 1-4).

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