FPGA Lab 10

AbstractLab 10 introduced the use of a microprocessor in the FPGA. I was able to compile the provided circuit in Quartus and execute a program that would use the DIP switches to save a value in memeory which an incrememtor would use to count up. This lab was extremely useful in showing the infrastructure of a microprocessor.


Part 1 required me to write a program that would read the DIP switches and add the value to an accumulator. In order to do this I wrote the program as described in section \ref{sect:code}


In order to have th accumulator work as intended, I needed to have it clear the stored value, load it from the appropriate address (address 7 in this case). After the code as added the number, it returns to the original line so that it can keep operating as intended. If the accumulator carries over, the program skips the line that resets the line count and resets the entire accumulator before going on with the normal counting sequence.