Tzortzis NomikosTzortzis Nomikos

Tzortzis Nomikos

Assistant Professor

Joined Oct 2015

I am an an Assistant Professor in Biochemistry at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of Harokopio University, Athens, Greece. I am a graduate of the Chemistry Department of Athens University where I also completed my postgraduate studies under the supervision of Prof. CA Demopoulos. My research interests are focused on the metabolism of platelet activating factor under different nutritional and pathophysiological states, the nutritional modulation of platelet functions, the characterization of anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory extracts and molecules from natural products/foods and the effects of nutrition and metabolic diseases on subclinical inflammation and oxidative stress. I am a member of several scientific societies, and I coordinated or participated in several research programmes funded by the private sector, Greek Government and the European Union. I am co-author of over 60 papers in international peer reviews journals, five book chapters, reviewer for over 25 scientific journals and member of the Editorial Board of three journals.





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