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We present the results of the effect of the formation of dense waters in the winter of 2012 on the structure and diversity of planktonic community.  For this purpose, samples were taken for the estimation of abundance and biomass specific component of autotrophic and heterotrophic.
The main results obtained are a general decrease in plankton biomass from the surface to the bottom; an increase to the bottom of the contribution of heterotrophic component particularly in dense waters; a significant contribution of phytoplankton abundances in the deep of a station characterized by dense waters: the species Skeletonema marinoi, whose flowering is typical in the surface waters of the northern Adriatic in February reach in the aphotic zone the  40% of the total). This unusual phenomenon could be associate to dense water formation in Northern Adriatic sea due to a strong downward flow induced by surface cooling  during bura events 

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