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A Meta-Analysis of Variables Related to the Emotional Intelligence of Children


      This study is a systematic literature review aimed to identify the key variables on children’s Emotional Intelligence (EI). To the end, a meta-analysis is conducted, and the results are as follows: First, the variables were moderately correlated with EI, suggesting children’s developing EI is influenced by the variables. Second, parental mental comments and school readiness had the largest effects on the EI of children. This suggests parental emotional expression plays an important role in children’s development of EI as well as the importance of EI in terms of successful initial social adaptation. On the other hand, teachers’ self-efficacy had the largest effects on the EI of children which emphasizes the crucial role educational environments play in the development of children’s EI. The results of this study imply the need for multifaceted interpretations of children’s EI and emphasizes the importance of parents and teachers in the environments to develop children’s EI.