This document has the goal of describing all the requirements asked by the customer, showing the constraints and the possible scenarios involving the system. The intended audience of this document are the developers of the system and the customer. For this purpose there will a clear distinction between technical and non-technical parts.


The “MyTaxiService” is an application born to support an existing taxi company, especially to simplify passengers’ access to the service and guarantee a fair management of taxi queues. In fact it will be GPS-based and will be able to assign a taxi to a certain call, based on the location of the taxi and of the requesting passenger, in order to minimize the waiting time.
It will also provide an option to reserve a taxi in advance and to share the ride with other passengers to save money. All these features will be available via a free download mobile application or a web application.
It will also provide a driver side application, in order to communicate with taxi drivers and to fetch the locations of all the taxi.