Magnus S. MagnussonMagnus S. Magnusson

Magnus S. Magnusson


University of Iceland
Joined Oct 2015

Magnus S Magnusson, Research Professor. PhD in 1983, University of Copenhagen. Created the T-pattern model and detection algorithms, implemented in THEMETM, focusing on temporal behavior organization. Co-directed DNA analysis. Numerous published papers and talks at conferences (including AIMS and Proteomics) and universities in Europe, USA, Japan and China. Deputy Director 1983-1988, Anthropology Laboratory, National Museum of Natural History, Paris. Invited temporary Professor at the University of Paris, V, VIII and XIII. Since 1991, founder, director of Human Behavior Laboratory, University of Iceland. Since 1995, international collaboration network between 24 universities based on “Magnusson’s analytical model” initiated at the Sorbonne, Paris.

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