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QUICK INTRODUCTION (TL;DR) Authorea Beta supports LaTeX writing. In order to insert LaTeX: CLICK ON THE INSERT BUTTON IN THE TOOLBAR AND THEN SELECT LATEX FROM THE DROPDOWN. A LaTeX label shows next to the LaTeX block in which you can write LaTeX notation. Some tips for writing LaTeX in Authorea 1. Click anywhere outside of the LaTeX block to render it. 2. Hover on Preview to see a Preview of the rendered content. 3. Do not paste an entire LaTeX article! Instead import documents from your homepage. 4. Only type LaTeX content in a LaTeX block, i.e. everything you would write after . 5. Do not type preamble (e.g. documentclass), frontmatter, macros or figures. 6. To add macros (newcommands) and packages, click Settings → Edit Macros 7. Use the Insert Figure button to insert images (and data). 8. Use math mode for equations, e.g. $\mathcal L_{EM}=-\frac14F^{\mu\nu}F_{\mu\nu}$. 9. Try the citation tool (click cite) to find and add citations, or use \cite{}. 10. To insert more LaTeX blocks click Insert → LaTeX. 11. You can use sectioning commands like \section{},\subsection{},\subsubsection{} to add headings.[1] BACKGROUND has deployed a new backend for its input language, teaming up with the ambitious project, which strives to offer a full reimplementation of TeX with targeted generation of web-first manuscripts, supporting HTML5 and ePub. Note: is the default engine for rendering TeX in Authorea Beta articles. If you bump into any problems, make sure to visit your article settings and select your LaTeX renderer to . In this article you can find an overview of some of our new high-impact authoring features. NOTE: THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT COVER MATHEMATICAL NOTATION. CHECK OUT THIS CHEATSHEET AND THESE EXAMPLES TO SEE HOW LATEX CAN BE USED TO WRITE ADVANCED MATHEMATICS. [1] You can toggle heading numbering on/off from the article settings. This footnote is generated via \footnote{}