Introduction of Visitors

Satoko Fujiwara


Associate Professor,University of Tokyo(Department of Religious Studies, Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology) 东京大学宗教学系副教授
B.A/M.A., Religious Studies, University of Tokyo. 1986 本科/硕士 东京大学宗教研究系
Ph.D., History of Religions, the Divinity School, University of Chicago 2001芝加哥大学宗教史博士
Fields of specialization: Theories of Religious Studies and Comparative Cultures, Religion and Education, North American Religions.

Editor of Journal of Religious Studies of the Japanese Association for Religious Studies (2002-2007).
International advisor of British Journal of Religious Education (2006-)
International editor of Teaching Theology and Religion (2006-)
Board of directors member of the Japanese Association for Religious Studies (2010-)


The Sacred and Modernity,Taisho University Press,2005
“Japan” in Religious Studies: A Global View, ed. by Gregory D. Alles Routledge, 2008
Peace Education and Religious Plurality: International Perspectives, ed. by R. Jackson and S.Fujiwara Routledge 2008
Problems of Teaching about Religion in Japan: Another Textbook Controversy against Peace? British Journal of Religious Education 29(1) 45-61 2007
On Qualifying Religious Literacy: Recent Debates on Higher Education and Religious Studies in Japanteth_615 22 2010


IAHR Executive Committee Members 2010-2015

Lesley Cormack


Professor,Dean, Faculty of Arts
Ph.D. University of Toronto
M.A. University of Toronto
B.A. Hon. University of Calgary
I am an historian of science, interested in the history of geography and mathematics in early modern England and Europe. My first book examined the teaching of geography at Oxford and Cambridge in this period, demonstrating that geographical study was an important locale for the interaction of scholarly and craft traditions of knowledge. Since then, I have been interested in that interchange, sometimes called the ’scholar-craftsman debate’. I am editing a book which looks at the role of mathematical practitioners in the ’scientific revolution’. I am also working on a book examining the first English terrestrial and celestial globes, the Molyneux Globes, which were built in 1592. These globes allow us to see the interaction between different communities and publics who thought about globes and used them in different social, economic and ideological circumstances.个人自我介绍

Early Modern England (16th, 17th Century)
History of science, esp geography, physics, mathematics, also biology


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