Fractals and Time


The Universe is mysterious questions require an explanation from us appropriate, in order to be accepted by the self-consciousness of humans; so there is a lot of ambiguity makes our consciousness is able to ratification (involuntarily) control as if the consciousness wants to tell us that we are on the wrong pathways. This is an oddity of consciousness that enjoyed by humans. This stimulates the human to do a search to find a logical explanation, and that means there will never be a mystery; because the universe creating only for human, and so there is no real threat on the planet or humanity because God put everything according to a fixed scale until the last hour of the age of the Universe. Moreover developed of Universe issues in ambiguity raises human consciousness to search for the essence of those issues, such as black holes, the sun, the stars and the distances between galaxies, dark energy, the light, the eligibility of time and the possibility of traveling in it, the essence of gravity, anatomy of stars and galaxies so. How do see the stars despite the long distances, and if it really was that we see thousands of light-years pass, it means "we do not know," how could it be that, if we look at some stars and then we take the measure necessary light time to reach us (after millions of light-years ), you will find that some stars were formed by the origins of the Universe, and this is contrary to the logic, as well as to map the sky changed and those caused by the eruption or the disappearance or extinction of some of the stars. And also we found inconsistencies in the measurement of time on the surface of the earth.
Is it for this that we can only stay in the position to build theories according to the “illusion” or the sense according to the virtual viewing (e.g., we see the car's tires  moves backwards from the direction of the car, and so we can say that the movement of the car tires moves opposite the direction of movement of the car? Although the main function of the visual system is to per- ceive objects and events in the world around us, the informa- tion available to our eyes is not sufficient by itself to provide the brain with its unique interpretation of the visual world.
Therefore it really does the brain to complete the image dimensions? Thus, in order for us to clarify the issue of eye and awareness there is crystal system and function as “isotopes” of brain regions, while all integral operates according to the principle of functional complementarity between the particle and the spectrum. Do circular shapes real as we see in the stars or the atomic structures or is there a bilateral conformation by coupling Association, and one being complementary to the other? Sun does not have circular orbits, its fractals to be seamlessly interact in a predictable manner to ensure the dynamic equilibrium. Only hurricanes that have a circular orbit and solid matters. Why? Wherever we see the sun in front of us, as well as persons who are in different areas? The reasons for the different brain waves and heart during the succession of day and night. What is the relationship between the structural conformation and dynamics of time, each of the particles, spectral, molecules, galaxies, the Universe? Reasons for their different structure and trends of magnetic fields of atoms. Why are black holes? What Sun structure and the fact that dark wave emissions that come out of it? As well as the difference in the number of days between the solar year and the lunar year we can not explain the differences in time (dilation contraction) in accordance with the value of “π” , which depends on 360 degrees. We need other complementary formula so that we can interpret the “multi- Universes”, and interpret different time. While the “π” formula depends on the shape of the circuit only; therefore it's cannot explain the fractals. We see the fact conformation of stars and galaxies, or will we see the shape of the thing (be it: particles, spectra), by processes of complex spectral visual map? Also when talking about the role of genetics in determining the sex of which defines the attributes of masculinity or femininity? Is there a mysterious thing ( There are issues we did not know in order to determine that? What is it? Therefore Is there really a "myth"?! Or that human consciousness classifies each issue are unable to interpret and put it in the term "myth"?! What processes that govern the expansion of the Universe and how it accelerates growth and in which direction to move both the energy and dark matter? Where are the paths of time and whether we can simulate it on the pattern coordinates? Is there anything that moves counter-clockwise, and why? Is really time, or is it just an illusion? Do there are really multi-universes and how they coincide, how can we prove it? What building geometry of the Universe mechanism and this means is there a structure -chemical bond- similar to the construction of the Universe and it will be able to determine in which the beginning of neoplasia (Big Bang), extensibility, acceleration, density, heat, entropy, etc. What is the essence of the  mechanism by which the magnetic composition? That means a magnetic covers the Universe and everything in it. To get rid of most diseases, especially chronic We need to know the essence of the dynamics of nerve, as well as the coding of nerve language and mechanism synchronized with time, so that we can draw a neurological map for the process of ideas and positions stability in the liver, heart, etc. Are Visible waves affect the physiology of the individual?
What is the truth shadow structure?
Then disposed of without chemicals mechanism.
If the vision are at the reflection of light from the surface of the objects to the eye, so why not see optical reflections from objects behind us? Why is destructive interference between these reflections does not consist?
Are the various waves coupled together in a geometric structure? Is the 3-dimensional vision in the eye or the brain?
Where is the perception consciousness?
Is there a functional relationship between the eye and audio frequencies?
Is visual cues structural changes within the brain occur or that the structure of those signals do not change, and why? 
What is the relationship between the magnetic and time?
How repositioning the multiple universes of each other and why the human eye is unable to see that?
Is it really that we can travel through time? If we can really travel through time, what is the period in which we can travel, and how?
Through the concept of "time travel" that life expectancy in space ratio changes to the age of the individual who on the earth—so what is the relationship between time and the growth of cells and how we define it through a mathematical formula for that we can calculate the speed of biochemical reactions inside cells? This leads us to the next question, what is time? Is it creature?

1- Accordingly, every atom is a miniature model of the Universe.
2- Each synthesis process of particles associated with certain sounds frequency, and that every spectral structure has the emission of sound waves.
3- There are pathways to accelerate higher than the speed of light.Therfore, possibility travel through time, according to fractals function with neglecting the moving speed of the object.
4- If two black holes convergence of each other, and both center on one level but not symmetrical spectrally, will lead to the formation of a galaxy between them.
5- Time cycle began in a certain area on the Earth, thus, the time cycle will end (stop and change the magnetic direction) at that area.
6- There are eight days a week.
7- The Light is phonetically.
8- There is a chemical element contains a time frequency waves.
9- At a certain point there is a time-fork causing a magnetic effect, it will lead to acceleration or deceleration time, iff frequencies coupling in the form of identical phases.
10- There fractional crystallization subtly fills the universe, which contains geometric paths, which holds all the waves, this means there quantum entanglement in the form of bilateral anastomosis containing pentagonal rings shape (this is so-called ether but the ether does not drift during the movement of objects in it), so every body at a certain point, it will have to simulate the appearance of the other points on the contrast quantum entanglement (complementary positions), which are opposite in the direction of a time-dynamic, at point of time-branch and vice versa in other side — so it seems in the same place, although different watching places.
11- There is a special geographical DNA of the Middle East and parts of Africa, in the form of molecular geometry and it is determined the actual geography of those countries.

Time and Multiple Universes

I will not go into the black holes will not go beyond the limits of the universe, but I will give mathematical equations transcends all those barriers without discomfort and this will become a concept of the universe. To illustrate the multiple universes will show the equations of time between those universes which will be complementary to the “gravitational constant,” so it will be as time equations discussed large objects even ultrafine particles. On that interpretation of the essence of gravity, through which is mapping the multiple universes such as a neutron star or black hole, etc. This means that in order to understand the essence of the universe, we discuss it in his own language, and also on the mathematical equations that accordingly it originated. When we thinking about term of : "Thing", many questions in our minds made up, as what are synthesis of "Being"? What that turns into thing? Then, As for that so-called thing, it was just "Zilch", (this means that before the existence of thing, there was "Epoch" cycle from “Eon”, while thing was not mentioned anything). Moreover, the thing came from Zilch. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to discern the thing about Zilch. Therefore, Zilch, is the origin of synthesis. For that, when "thing" achieve its Cruising (zigzag course) an end-to-end, it will lead to changed its direction in accordance with the inverse function, as well as it will decompose to the initial configuration particles, unitl to Being phase. Therefore there is no infinity — but there are zig-phases until an end-to-end, so. Any term is really, infinity or the end? If really infinity, so why in this universe everything has an end — so the term infinity is not commensurate with the life on the planet, but it might be in another universe where life is eternal? When a match both terms, we find that Infinity also does not fit with the particles as well as with spectral, because everything has an end, for this the particles retained as they are, such mass, shape, frequency, etc. Therefore it will not devolve into infinity, otherwise there would have been any particles on the universe!
Equations interpretation of time between multi-universes: 
Angular frequency : 

Conclusion mass defect according to the time-wave :

The Genetic Synthesis

There are neurochromosomes emitted from one of the parents, on the form of energy, through which fertilization complementary ( Incomplete pollination, either the secondary Oocyte and then to form male gametes or insemination of spermatozoa to form feminine gametes), thus gaining sons genetic traits by those heart genes (either from the nerves of the heart of the father or mother), is then make a complementary fertilization, and it is the synthesis of neural genetics own heart for parents to become neural genes and the genetic children. Moreover, the morphological shape to children face, through the nerve and genetics of the heart (the nerve genes inherited by children from their parents) and those genes are in the state of dynamics in the form of oxidation reduction reactions. And because of that babies come from infected with paranoia or lying and then the likelihood of exposure to a heart attack. This arises synthesis according to certain neurological logarithms exchange of matter on a form of energy between isolated systems (chromosomes, Oocyte). Thus, the genetic traits passed down from one generation to another generation in accordance with the principle of fractals genetic, where "Assortment" is relative to the dynamics of fractals by oxidation reduction reaction, in fractions of a second, as well as the quantum
of genetic materia