These insects are found in the bathroom , especially in the toilet, this insect does not prefer to stay away from their places , different from the home fly several characteristics including: the existence of the colors in the wings and legs , as well as the presence of Longhorn sensor silver color . The shape also resembles the thyroid gland. And that was after days later of pouring of : HCL ( Conc ) with Aluminum Foild. Also stone meteorites with HCL . As well as from the fermentation of "Lawsonia inermis" paper solution where it has the smell similar to the smell of acetic acid.
Suborder: Nematocera .
Antennae : two horns are silver color, 6 mm long.
Shaped wing : the length of each wing about (6 mm) long, with many colors, such as a  Rhopalocera.
Eyes : black eyes.
Legs: Hexagonal legs.
Aviation : Doesn't fly away from it's place.
Size: smaller than a housefly.
Description :Their bodies black grow about 5-6 mm long. They have black eyes with short distance between the eyes as wolf spider, and then diverge towards the sides of the head. They have one pair of colored wings as butterfly. There are also on the wings crystal rings appear to be more pronounced when rounded light of them.They have long horns ( Antennae) with gray hair , 6 mm long .They live and feed on the topsides from toilet , such as solts ingress of water. Their life cycle ranges from 4-6 days , the youngest of these insects many of movement as opposite adult insects , so they are more caused the disease in this period ( The second day of their appearance) . These youngest insects have brown color and then turns to black. These insect Reproduction every 4 days. But the young insects in constant motion as opposed adult insects. The second day of their appearance lies damage because they cause respiratory diseases. Also when you click on her body it crumbles quickly and transformed into soft material, such as those resulting from rubbing fingers together.

Relationship with Human: These insects live and feed on Bactria and organic matter such as toilet, so they're dangerous because they're came from chemical. Furthermore, these insects causing Inflammation of : Nose, Thyroid gland, Eyes, that's means these insects as Acid emitter. Not considering other influences
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