Natrolite Paper: Optical and Raman Studies      


Starting off with three types of Natrolite, Prismatic, Acicular and phillipsite, we studied these crystals under the microscope while attached to a spindle stage. We then recorded data from the spindle stage, these data recorded from the spindle stage we put into a program called excalibur.The same crystals we used for the spindle stage we used with the Raman Spectroscopy Unit and recorded that data. We attempted to see the differences between the crystals down to the structure level.

Methods: Analysis of common Zeolites, Natrolite and Phillipsite from various locations, were performed using Spindel stage measurements of crystal extinction angle at every 10 degrees followed by 2V plotting on the ExcalibrW software. With the grains still mounted on the Spindel stage Raman spectroscopy was done on three of the localities to show either similarities or differences between localities.

Raman Spectroscopy