Fabio MarzaioliFabio Marzaioli

Fabio Marzaioli

Assistant Professor

Caserta Italy
Joined Sep 2015

Fabio Marzaioli is a researcher at the Second University of Naples-Department of Mathematics and Physics in applied physics with a strong background in accelerator and conventional mass spectrometry for applications in the field of isotope biogeochemistry and geochronology. Over the last years he was involved in the European Reaserch Council Advanced Grant nr 247349: “AFRICA GHG” and the Italian PRIN 2010-2011 (National Interest Scientific Research project): “Climate change mitigation strategies in tree crops and forestry in Italy (CARBOTREES)” research teams. He is associated to the INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) collaborating to the European Recoil separator for Nuclear Astrophysics (ERNA) experiment. He is in charge for the Second University of Naples Department of Mathematics and Physics of the 14C AMS sample preparation and the IRMS labs. He took part in the scientific committee of the Radiocarbon 2012 international conference (Paris France) and convened the Radiocarbon and Modeling session. He is member of the scientific committee for the Radiocarbon 2015 international conference to be held in Dakar (Senegal) next November. He was reviewer for international journals (e.g. Radiocarbon, NIMB) and national research project evaluator for the BELSPO (Belgian Science Policy Office). Over his decadal research activity he published a total of 34 indexed papers with a total of 260 citations and an H-index of 10.


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