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Hi Reddit, we're a group of scientists and engineers from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and we're helping to build a Human Cell Atlas. Ask Us Anything!
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Hey Reddit! We’re a group of scientists and engineers from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – a philanthropic organization founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. We’re working to help cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of the century. One of the ways we’re doing that is by helping to build a Human Cell Atlas – a world-wide effort to map all of the cells in the human body – think the human genome project, but for cells (of which there are 30 trillion) rather than genes (of which there are 20,000 or so). Our big-picture goal is to support a fully open project in which scientists can share their knowledge to assemble a parts list of the cells in the healthy human body, and we’re looking for people who are interested in collaborating to develop new computational tools in support of this effort. We’d love to talk to you about this and anything else related to our work on the Human Cell Atlas. Here is a photo of the team. We’ll be back at between 10am - 12pm PT to answer your questions – ask us anything! Cori Bargmann, PhD – Torsten N. Wiesel Professor and head of the Lulu and Anthony Wang Laboratory of Neural Circuits and Behavior at the Rockefeller University in New York. President of Science at CZI. Jeremy Freeman, PhD — Neuroscientist, and Manager of Computational Biology at CZI Deep Ganguli, PhD – Computational Biologist Katja Brose, PhD – Neuroscientist, Science Program Officer Bruce Martin – Director of Engineering Andrey Kislyuk, PhD – Software Engineer (PS – If you want to learn more about the Human Cell Atlas, check out this recent podcast from JAMA.) EDIT – Hey folks, we’re signing off for now, but will check back now and again to answer additional questions. Thanks to everyone who participated!