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Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit, we’re a team of physicists at the University of Sussex who recently revealed the first ever blueprint for a large-scale quantum computer. Ask us anything!
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Hi Reddit, I’m Professor Winfried Hensinger, and me and my team at the University of Sussex are working on constructing the world’s first large-scale quantum computer – the most powerful computer in the world. We’ve recently unveiled the first practical blueprint for how such a computer could be built. The paper, ‘Blueprint for a microwave trapped ion quantum computer’, can be found in the journal Science Advances. You can read our press release for more information. We’ll be holding a special event at London’s Spitalfields Market on 11 July, where the public will be able to explore a virtual quantum technology laboratory and meet some of our research team. We’d love to talk to you about anything to do with quantum computing or quantum physics. We’ll be back at 6pm GMT (2 pm EST) to answer your questions, ask us anything!