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Science AMA Series: We’re the NanoHAC group from Imperial College, here to talk about graphene, nanotubes, and other really small materials. AUA!
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Hi Redditors! We are the Nanostructured Hierarchical Assemblies and Composites group, aka NanoHAC, from Imperial College London. Nanomaterials, in particular graphene and carbon nanotubes, have exceptional properties as individual nanoscale objects but there are a ton of challenges in exploiting their characteristics in usable, real-life, macroscopic materials. Our research uses chemistry and engineering to tackle the hurdles inherent in the processing and assembly of these materials, from purification, to changing their surface chemistry, to making composites, to creating hybrid nanostructures, and much more. Here to answer your questions are Dr Adam Clancy (nanotube processing, functionalisation and assembly), Dr Noelia Rubio Carrero (the same, but with graphene), Sandra Fisher (studies the nanomaterials in nanocomposites), Dr Hannah Leese (turning nanomaterials into components for electronics), and Dr Hin Chun Yau (self-assembling nanomaterials into structures). We are here to answer any questions you have on carbon nanomaterials, their uses and future directions, being a scientist, music, baking the ideal lemon drizzle cake, the best pubs in London, or anything else you fancy! We’ll be answering questions from 1-3 pm ET (or 5-7pm GMT for us here in the UK), so feel free to ask us anything! EDIT: Hi all, we’re packing up for the night. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and we’ll try to answer them.