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The Impact of Pediatric Feeding Disorders on the Family
  • Megan Yu
Megan Yu
University of Virginia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abstract Pediatric feeding disorders are common, especially among developmentally delayed children. The consequences of having these disorders can be severe: children could suffer from growth failure, chronic illness, and even death. In addition, these disorders have been reported to affect members of the entire family. While some interventions have been implemented to help families with children with these disorders, these studies are limited by small sample sizes and the lack of long-term follow-up visits. Moreover, there is a lack of a standardized system to classify children with these disorders, which directly impacts the diagnoses of children with these disorders. This paper reviews the relevant literature on the impact on the family of these feeding disorders and the current classification systems and interventions used to help children with these feeding disorders. It also recommends further research to create a more standardized classification system and to test the efficacy of current interventions, with the aim of improving accuracy of diagnoses and developing treatments tailored to children’s special needs.