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The safety of steel space truss under fire conditions according to the system reliability analysis.
  • Katarzyna Kubicka
Katarzyna Kubicka
Politechnika Swietokrzyska

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The proposed paper focuses on the method of estimating the reliability index β (as a safety measure) of the spatial steel truss under fire conditions. The whole procedure connected with computation of temperatures of elements, effects of actions and bearing capacities is realised in author-designed C++ code, prepared according to Eurocode. The probabilistic model includes mechanical properties of steel (yield strength), geometrical characteristics of bar cross-sections and effect of actions. In the next step, the stiffness matrix spectral analysis is realized. The code prepared by the author is being developed to be useful for spatial structures. The program realization leads to finding so called cut-sets, i.e. possible ways of transforming the structure into mechanism. These sets of elements create a logical model, which will be introduced to the SYSREL module, which is part of STRUREL program. This is the software that was created in Munich University of Technology to solve reliability problems. SYSREL module is dedicated to conduct system reliability analysis connected with different reliability methods including, among others, the FORM,SORM, Monte Carlo and Subset Simulation method.