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Formal  initiatives to improve teaching led to more significant informal conversations  and increased sharing practice            
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  • Pernille Eidesen,
  • O. T. K. Førland,
  • L. M. Håkansson,
  • H. H. Christiansen,
  • T. Dahl,
  • E. Strømseng
Pernille Eidesen

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
O. T. K. Førland
L. M. Håkansson
H. H. Christiansen
T. Dahl
E. Strømseng


University teachers grow professionally from conversations about learning and teaching with colleagues. Significant informal conversations can be facilitated through formal activities initiated from the institutional side. This case-study shows how a formal institutional initiative to enhance educational quality has facilitated more significant informal conversations. Such conversations power constructive feedback to the organisation, improve the formal quality development work at the institutional level, and increase the use of collegial experiences across the institution. We identify the formal initiative “Collegial sharing sessions” as particularly efficient for fuelling significant informal conversations within and across departments