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DigiHuman: A Converstational Digital Human with Facial Expressions
  • Munia Khalifa,
  • Ozacar Kasim
Munia Khalifa
Karabuk University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ozacar Kasim
Karabuk Universitesi
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Supported by artificial intelligence, recently, two different topics have taken an essential role in many applications, which are chatbots and virtual humans, owing to their capability in establishing communication between them and the users for accomplishing different tasks depending on their goal. Virtual humans are getting a lot of attention in different industries due to their realistic human form, behavior, and ability to convey emotional feedback, especially when experienced in a virtual reality environment. While Chatbots are considered the most promising example of building interaction between humans and machines because of their high efficiency in communicating with people resulting in being utilized in various applications. Combining a chatbot with a virtual human results in an Embodied Digital Conversational Agent; hence it will achieve positive feedback because face-to-face communication has always played a main role in how people interact and develop throughout history. Therefore, we present an Open-Domain Conversational Digital Human System that allows you to have a friendly virtual avatar and establishes realistic interaction with users. The system consists of a 3D virtual character and a set of artificial intelligence models, each specified for completing a task like emotion recognition, dialogue generation, facial expression extraction, animations, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text conversion.