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The Effectiveness of Suffruticosol B. in Treating Lung Cancer by Laser Trapping Technique
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  • Muugeta Goangul,
  • Daniel Erenso,
  • Ying Gao,
  • Horace Crogman
Muugeta Goangul
Addis Ababa University
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Daniel Erenso
Middle Tennessee State University
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Ying Gao
Middle Tennessee State University
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Horace Crogman
California State University Dominguez Hills

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The biophysical effects of Suffruticosol B. on lung cancer cells were studied. The physical and mechanical changes due to the treatment were statistically analyzed based on areas measured from the images captured for each cell once free, trapped, and released. Measurements were conducted on the untreated A549 cells for comparisons. The result showed that the treatment damages the internal structure of the cells, resulting in the collapse of the spherically A549 cells as the average area indicated a relative increase with the length of the treatment period. The cells' response indicated that the elastic properties of the carcinoma cells had been reduced due to the treatment by Suffruticosol B. Changing the trap's power and time constant predicted interesting behavior for the A549 cells' relaxation rate. We have shown that Oligostilbene can play a role an effective in treating cancer.