AER201 Candlelight Testing Final Report


This project would not have been possible without the support of the AER201 teaching staff and our colleagues in second year Engineering Science. In particular, we would like to recognize the following individuals for their contribution to our project.

Professor M. R. Emami for coordinating AER201 and providing us with the advice and knowledge we needed to see the project through.

Rene Rail-Ip for his guidance and feedback, and the humour and conversation to keep us going through the 5 hour labs.

Charles Lin for always opening the lab for us so we never had to wait an hour to take our robot home on Fridays.

Rahul Chandan, Adrian Esser and Rui Janson for allowing us to work on their kitchen table.

Farhang Talan for lending us his devbugger and 40-pin cable on demo day, when we were not sure ours was working.

Microchip Technology Inc. and Texas Instruments for providing the documentation and technology we needed to build the robot.

Bwian the cockatiel for being a light in dark places, when all other [candle]lights went out.