Motivation to join the 6^th Sustainable Summer School

I am passionate about sustainability. I aim to live sustainably and enjoy the personal qualities that come along with a sustainable way of life. But also outside of my sustainability club, in the lives of the common people, I notice an increasing relevancy for green growth and socially fair conditions. However, many people are hampered or struggle with adopting more sustainable practices in their day to day life. What are the reasons? And what can I do as a current Master Student of Sustainable Development to help these people successfully overcoming their individual challenges?

Throughout the first year of my studies, courses such as on Energy and Material Efficiency or Environmental and Material Policy contributed to a better understanding of the technical and institutional side of sustainable development. Aside the classroom, the practical involvement in a number of voluntary initiatives allowed me to explore my interest in urban transitions, grassroots initiatives and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. But they also help me to reflect on who I am: an advanterous young man who sees himself in an experimental playground for the bettering of the life conditions of the people around him.

I have devoted this year’s semester vacations to cycle through France, Germany and Czech Republic to visit sustainability communities. I am fascinated by their straightforward bottom-up approach and want to help sharing the success factors of their developments1.

These encounters showed me the large transformative potential within people and small communities. They have achieved a more balanced state within a certain domain, and allow us to learn from their living labs. They are admirable front-runners in that they are willing to fundamentally change their behaviour despite the currently still prevailing difficulties and discomforts.

I am excited about the great challenge lying ahead of mankind that asks for my and everyone else’s contribution, to bridge practical experiences with scientific research. And I am very enthusiastic to work together with other passionate people in projects such as offered by the \(6^{th}\) Sustainability Summer School, on exploring the dynamical trias of individuals, behaviour and sustainability.

  1. I am sharing my experiences in form of storylines. An example is the community supported agriculture (CSA) initiative in the Southwest of Paris:

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