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  • Master thesis research proposal: How do daily household practices affect food wastage? Empirical insights from 100 Dutch households in the context of the 100 100 100 campaign

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    Relevancy for Sustainable Development

    This research is based on the overarching principles of the sustainable development master programme in that it seeks to develop sustainable environmental solutions for effective food utilisation. With its behavioural analysis it focuses on the changes needed to achieve an environmentally and socially accountable food utilisation on a household level. By proposing solutions to address household food wastage, it considers the short- and long-term management of these processes on a local level to mitigate its negative global impacts.

    Furthermore, this research sufficiently meets the specific requirements of the energy and materials track. Firstly, by performing an LCA the research provides an analysis of the unnecessary energy and materials (as defined by water and land) use for non-utilised food. In doing so, this analysis seeks to highlight the significant negative impact of food wastage on the environment and the exploitation of finite resources, e.g. fertile land and freshwater. Secondly, the produced insights of this research can be utilised in further research connected to the following themes:

    • How will global energy demand develop in the coming decades under the consideration of effective food utilisation?

    • How do climate change and depletion of fossil fuel reserves for agricultural use interact?

    • What is the role of product design and nudging strategies for reducing food wastage in a sustainable society?

    • What policies can be implemented to improve energy efficiency as a result of improved food utilisation?