Introduction to Complexity Science: On my desire to deepen my understanding of the complexity of sustainability lifestyles

Every day I see myself confronted with the same challenging question: “

In memory of a remarkable course on Sustainable Development: Integrating Perspectives by Bert de Vries, henceforth I believe that sustaining solutions can only be found with inclusive systems thinking, trans- and inter-disciplinary in nature.

Aside this background, I am very excited to work together with inspiring colleagues from particularly Eastern cultures in which holistic systems thinking has found its roots already several millennia ago. In conclusion, I would like to receive the opportunity of joining an inter-disciplinary team, working together to find inspirations for my prospective work as a PhD student on behavioural changes and sustainability lifestyles in response to demanding questions such as the following:

  1. How to adapt systems to stimulate adaptive changes from an individual perspective?

  2. How can models and simulation tools be designed to study sustainability lifestyle behaviour of people in complex systems?

  3. How can evolutionary algorithms contribute to a better understanding of how sustainable lifestyle practices replicate over time?