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Jair Tenorio

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Madrid, Spain
Joined Aug 2015

My name is Jair Tenorio, I am a passionate scientist. I studied Biologist at the Autonoma University of Madrid. After that, I have been developing my research activity at the Molecular and Medical Genetics Institute (INGEMM) in Madrid. I am very interested in human genetics, especially in rare disorders. Therefore, I am focus in the study of overgrowth syndromes, a group of rare diseases which affect human growth and development. In this line, I have been researching in my phD in specific patients without any syndromic overgrowth. The main aimed is to find the molecular cause for this patients. Having this objective in mind, last year I published an article describing a new overgrowth syndrome, with specific molecular defects and recognizable phenotype, which was named as Tenorio Syndrome, a rare overgrowth syndrome due to mutants in the gene RNF125, which encoded for an ubiquitin ligase protein that acts in different molecular pathways, including the PI3K-AKT pathway, a well-known pathway for human growth regulation. I was born and raised in Colombia, in a small town in west called Tumaco, probably one of the most beatiful places in the world.

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