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GLASS, a Tool for Quality-Controlled GNSS Data and Products Dissemination.
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  • Paul Crocker,
  • Jan Dousa,
  • Mathilde Vergnolle,
  • Carine Bruyninx,
  • Machiel Bos,
  • Rui Fernandes
Paul Crocker
Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal

Corresponding Author:crocker@di.ubi.pt

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Jan Dousa
Research Institute of Geodesy, Ondrejov 295, Czech Republic
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Mathilde Vergnolle
CNRS, Paris Cedex 16, France
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Carine Bruyninx
Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium
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Machiel Bos
University of Beira Interior, Instituto D. Luis, Covilha, Portugal
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Rui Fernandes
University of Beira Interior
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Europe is covered by various networks of GNSS stations maintained by different agencies with different technical and scientific objectives. The EPOS-IP (European Plate Observing System – Implementation Phase) project aims to harmonize and standardize data collection and processing and to design and establish dedicated products and services that benefit the existence of national and pan-European infra-structures (in particular EUREF), optimized for Solid Earth Research applications.