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A Discussion about Traceable and Untraceable Energies
  • Moshe Segal
Moshe Segal

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Energy and the Energy Conservation Principle might be the most important building blocks of the Physical Sciences. Until the discovery, in the 20 th century, that the Universe expands much faster than the expansion that can be justified by the amount of the calculated Energy in the whole Universe, the Energy was believed to be composed of only Traceable Energy components. After the above-mentioned discovery, the notion of Untraceable Energy (or Dark Energy) was introduced in the science of Physics. However, the exact origin of this Dark Energy is still a mystery. The acceptable notions are that Dark Energy must be looked for in Gravitation using Einstein's General Relativity Theory. This article argues that the origin of most of the Dark Energy might be in Electromagnetism. This article also provides other new insights into the Energy entity, which might also explain additional issues and paradoxes that were yet ignored.