"Are We there yet?" - Android powered tangible educational geography game

AbstractWith the vast availability of Android devices around in the world today, people have developed a number of different ways to communicate with and use their devices. These methods however, tend to follow the traditional patterns of interaction. To demonstrate the flexibility of the Android platform to develop a tangible user interface, we have developed a game that uses many Android sensors to give a real sense of feedback to the user. The game allows users to travel to a country through means of directional and tilt sensors and explore the world.


“Are We There Yet?” is an educational game which tasks users with finding the locations of cities across the globe. The game makes use of the accelerometer and rotational vector sensors on android phones, allowing the user to control the game completely via movement and rotation. We used the Google Maps API as our mapping engine. This provides a powerful framework already in place without taking up too much memory, which was the problem wit